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Driver diagrams

Producing a driver diagram

The first step to producing a driver diagram is to gather evidence of what works.  The best evidence is published accounts of controlled experiments or, better still, systematic reviews of several publications.  If that evidence is not available, professional guidelines, national service frameworks and evidence of good practice may be useful, but we need to be aware of their limitations.

Below is an example of a driver diagram (click on the image to enlarge):

Example of a driver diagramWhen producing driver diagrams there are some basic rules which must be followed.

  • The first column – ‘Aim’ – shows the desired outcome of the service (the simpler the better).
  • The second column – ‘Drivers’ – shows the factors that affect the outcome.
  • The third column – ‘Interventions’ – shows the actions that have been shown to make a difference and bring about improvements.

Your project improvement team will need to agree on the driver diagram.  It should be brief and simple and contain only evidence-based and important interventions.

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