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Generating & spreading ideas

Quality improvement at all levels means encouraging, testing and spreading ideas about alternative ways of doing things. Those ideas need to be good enough to form the basis of new working systems.

Teams undertaking improvements together should meet regularly to generate new ideas through:

Team working together

  • brainstorming exercises
  • adapting strategies from other sectors or industries
  • adapting ‘best practices’ from other services or conferences
  • identifying trends by analysing service user stories/complaints, and
  • visiting the sites of other services.

Successful sites regularly involve new people in these meetings and this ensures the group is open to new views.  New members of the group help to generate some of the best ideas.

Asking frontline staff about the biggest challenges they face each day, then looking for ways to tackle them, quickly involves staff in finding solutions for issues they are most concerned about changing.

Encouraging and spreading ideas about alternative ways of doing things offers a new and different way to improve our services.  It is a proven way for frontline staff to help drive improvement rather than having to accept other people’s ideas.

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