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Video transcript: Improving Together — Overview

Alex, Jilly, Jan, and Lucy talk us through the Improving Together web site and resources. (English, 2 min 53 seconds)

Narrator: Have you ever wanted to help to deliver even better services to New Zealanders? Improving Together is a set of resources, which can help you do just that. The Improving Together website is a base for resources and learning about improvement methodology, to look at how things are done and how they can be improved.

Alex Nicholas: So, what is Improving Together? It’s about equipping you with the skills and methodology to improve the services you deliver. It’s designed to provide you with an understanding of the model for improvement. This is the methodology which helps you to make the changes you always wanted to make, and sustain them.

Narrator: Improvement methodology can help you gain more work satisfaction in knowing that the improvements that you’ve put in place will make a difference to the people you work for. And, more often than not, these changes will have a positive effect on your workplace also.

Alex Nicholas: The model for improvement is based around three key questions. One, what are we trying to accomplish? Two, how will we know that a change is an improvement? Three, what changes can we make, that will result in an improvement? And finally it’s about doing small tests of your ideas to make a difference, by using PDSA: Plan, Do, Study, Act. It’s that easy.

Jilly Tyler: One of the key things about PDSA is being able to measure the change. And, having data that drives some decisions about the planned changes is really critical.

Jan Jackson: I think it was great to have the staff looking at the PDSA cycles and coming up with some of the solutions themselves, because they were then owning it and buying it, and they now understand what PDSA cycles are.

Lucy Hall: Getting the whole team around the table in terms of coming together, looking at what were trying to do, really improved our communication and our team work processes and practices. And we had a lot of fun.

Narrator: Have a look at the Improving Together website. It will provide you with the information and resources you need to start your improvement journey. It will help you gain a better understanding of what the model for improvement methodology is about. And, there are case studies and videos of improvement stories, showing how this methodology has been used in the work place. The website also shows you how to access the free online e-learning modules, which allow you to learn at your pace, from work or home.

Alex Nicholas: We’ve given you some simple tools to start your project today, so check out the website, enrol in the e-learning programme, and let’s start improving together.