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Where to learn more

If you’ve completed the e-learning module and want to learn more, the Ministries of Health, Education, Social Development and the Health Quality and Safety Commission have a panel of suppliers to provide advice about improvement methodology, formal training and project support. Information on how to access these services is available from each agency's procurement team.

Ko Awatea's How-To Guides

Ko Awatea leads system transformation for Counties Manukau Health across New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region using a collaborative approach to quality improvement, education and innovation. Since its inception in 2011, Ko Awatea has led a number of successful initiatives utilising the model for improvement to improve care, services and efficiency in the public sector.

In response to the world wide problem of struggling to meet rising patient demand from a growing and ageing population,  Ko Awatea and Middlemore Hospital‘s solution was 20,000 Days – a successful campaign which reduced hospital demand by returning over 20,000 well and healthy days back to the community. The 20,000 Days campaign helped manage hospital demand and had a profound effect on the patients involved.

The collaborative teams who worked on this campaign, produced a series of ‘How To Guides’ which summarised the journey taken by  the teams utilising the model for improvement focussing  on improving the services they provided to the communities of South Auckland.  The successes and learnings are shared in these publications. 


The aim of this project was to implement a model of care aimed at reducing preventable complications associated with confusion and delirium.   

Skin Infection

The aim of this project was to identify and treat people early with skin infections and cellulitis, so that care can be managed at home or in the community.

SMOOTH (Safer Medicines Outcomes On Transfer To Home)

The aim of this project was to provide a plan for high risk people on how to manage their medications at home, thereby preventing admissions to hospital.

Transitions of Care

The aim of this project was to improve discharge planning and transitions of care across hospital and the community, resulting in shorter stays in hospital with better outcomes.

VHIU (Very High Intensity Users)

Integrated case management: The aim of this project was to expand the integrated case management programme aimed at keeping people well and at home by bridging the gaps between healthcare providers and their patients.

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